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New product added April 2012
Series 2339
Series 2339 Ethernet to Serial Converters

The Kinematics Series 2339 Ethernet to serial Converters provide an interface from ethernet to RS422/485 or RS232 ( 802 version). The 2339 series are built around the Lantronix Xport serial to ethernet module XP1001000-04R.
The converter is mounted in a DIN rail enclosure.

•  20 to 32VDC or optional 10 to 16VDC input Power supply
•  Power requirement 2Watts
•  Ethernet 10Base-T or 100BaseTx(Auto-Sensing) RJ45 connector
•  Protocols: TCP/IP, UDP/IP,ARP, ICMP,SNMP,TFTP,Telnet,
    DHCP, BOOTP, HTTP and AutoIP
•  Half duplex (RS485) or full duplex(RS422) selectable
•  RS422/485 line termination selectable
•  RS232 (802 version) supports RTS, CTS and DTR control signals

90mm high X 80mm wide X 25mm thick (i.e. rail width)

Versions Available
•  2339-801 - Ethernet to RS422/485 24VDC supply version
•  2339-802 - Ethernet to RS232 24VDC supply version

Download 2163 User Instructions Lantronix Xport User Guide





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