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Series 2273
Series 2273 Voltage/Current to Current Converter

The Kinematics Series 2273 convert either a voltage or mA control signal into a larger 0-250mA current source output. The input control signal can be set with internal links to be voltage or current.
The control is mounted in a DIN rail enclosure.

•  20 to 28VDC input Power supply
•  Power supply current 400mA max at 24VDC
•  Selectable 0-5VDC or 0-10V analogue voltage input signal
•  Selectable 0-20mA analogue current input signal
•  0-250mA nominal output (sourcing)
•  Screw terminals for connections
•  Ideal for power solenoid control

90mm high X 80mm wide X 25mm thick (i.e. rail width including heatsink)

Versions Available
•  2273-801 - Voltage/Current to 250mA FS output

Download 2163 User Instructions 2273-801 User Instructions





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