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Page Updated 6 May 2016. Changed to new Mk2 series (backwards compatible with MK1 series)
Series 2225
Series 2225 Mk2 RS422 Encoder to PLC Interface

The Kinematics Series 2225 Mk2 Interface is designed to accept A, B, Z RS422 level signals from an encoder and convert them into either 24V PNP push-pull or NPN open collector sink outputs for driving PLC/Servo Drive inputs.
The interface is mounted in a DIN rail enclosure.

•  10 to 28VDC input Power supply
•  Power supply current 100mA max with 12VDC supply, 85mA max with 24VDC supply
•  Differential RS422 inputs terminated with 270 ohm
•  Transient suppression on RS422 inputs
•  Outputs can source and sink 20mA max.
•  Provides encoder to PLC/Servo Drive interface
•  Max input frequency 200KHz

90mm high X 80mm wide X 25mm thick (i.e. rail width)

Versions Available
•  2225-803 - RS422 Encoder to PLC Interface Mk2 (NB. This model is backward compatible to previous MK1 models 2225-801 and 2225-802 )

Download 2163 User Instructions 2225 Mk 2 Series User Instructions





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