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Series 2199
Series 2199 Optically Isolated DIN Rail Mounting Protocol Converter RS232 to RS422/485

The Kinematics CommOptic Series 2199 provide a conversion from RS232 to RS422/485 with optically isolated transmit and receive circuits to eliminate noise problems associated with earth loops. The RS422/485 Protocol provides further noise immunity and increased transmission distance over conventional RS232.

•  10 to 30VDC Power supply
•  Max Baud rate 19,200bps (76,800 bps on high speed versions)
•  RS232 connector 9 pin female DB9F
•  RS422/485 connector 5 pin screw terminal plug
•  Indicator LED's for transmit and receive
•  Mode selection by internal links
•  RS485 direction auto or by RTS (depends on version)
•  Provision for internal line termination

90mm high X 80mm wide X 25mm thick (i.e. rail width)

Versions Available
•  2199-801 - Auto RS485 direction
•  2199-802 - Transmit enabled by RTS line

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